news collection 2023/ by furnipart

The collection consists of 14 new handles and knobs. All designs display the distinctive traits of their respective designers, resulting in a collection that features appreciable variation and celebrates individuality – precisely as it should.

UNIFY shows how a playful synergy between two geometries can be combined. The handle was created from a process of sharpening a round shape, cutting off everything outside a defined cage giving it both a rounded corner and a flat surface making UNIFY a different and interesting design choice for the consumer that wants a distinctive feel to an otherwise modern design.The designers set a long lasting relationship with manufacturer: behind every project is a deep and tireless process undertaken together from the brief to the production.

- Meneghello Paolelli

SPACE was inspired while walking through the streets of Paris where silhouettes and sculptures made a big impression on the designer. The flow of the modeling line creates a tension waking the curiosity. The sculptural language and the twisting of the contour is not only creating an illusion of visual comfort but also enhancing the tactile feedback.

- Meike Neuhaus

HERITAGE has a light yet elegant flow through the body and feet. The weight lies in the details of the foot, where the surfaces meet creating a natural transition to the backdrop. A classic design choice for the consumer that appreciates good design. By reinventing heritage that we know and love, the designer made a long-lasting design that will stay relevant for many years to come.

- Kamper Form

LEAF is an elegant thin plate with rounded corners that pays attention to the cabinet. It is a modern handle and with its light and simple character, LEAF offers an almost subtle jewelry feel. The clean unbroken surface gently bends towards the user, enhancing the lightness and playing with light and shadow and the different materials.

- VE2

HORIZON WOOD is a natural extension of the already existing family in Zamac launched last year. The natural grain of timber is elegantly enhanced by the gentle curvature simulating a beautiful Horizon. The form is geometric yet soft on the eye and to the touch. HORIZON WOOD – inspired by nature.

- Adam Laws

The design builds on nordic warm materials. A minimalistic outline is framing the inner soft curve to give it a visual balance. The thought behind PLANK was to create a handle which relates to the warm interior in a home by creating vertical and horizontal lines which becomes a natural element of itssurroundings.

- Steffensen & Würtz

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